Friday, November 21, 2008


Well, it's Friday night and I am alone in the living room.
Victor and Alex went up to Camp Three Falls for the annual Turkey Shoot and will be back some time tomorrow.
Evan went to an overnight camp out with Bishop Stanton and the rest of his troop. They are working on Merit Badges. I am picking Evan up around 11:30 tomorrow at the church.
The girls are making themselves something to eat. They have spent the day not cleaning their room. They were supposed to get the room clean before I got home so that we could go to the movies. Girl's night out. Obviously that has not happened.
So I am blogging and watching Star Trek re-runs on SciFi.
When I am done blogging I will probably just play computer games until I am tired and then go to bed.
So, while you are contemplating what you are going to do this evening or this weekend take a look at this:

CHRISTMAS is coming!!!!!!!!!!


Jen said...

Yea! I think we're putting up lights tomorrow. (Before the BYU/Utah game.) GO UTES!!!

Trillium said...

That was worth watching more than once!

Anonymous said...

That guy lives in Utah! Go to He has done that kind of thing EVERY YEAR and this year his neighbors decided they had enough, and told him he couldn't do it anymore, even though he gave the proceeds to charity. Bunch of scrooges...

Rebecca said...

i don't think we are doing lights this year. I am only going to put up the Nativity Scene in the front yard.

DebbieLou said...

That was awesome! It must have taken quite some time to set all of that up and to coordinate things the way they wanted. That is sad the neighbors can't be happy about it all, even if it creats a few problems. People probably come to observe and take no heed as to where they park and so on.