Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Both my employer and the kids school have sent out notifications regarding the SWINE flu.

There have been confirmed cases in Ventura County and the school has had two confirmed cases.

We have been instructed on the symptoms and have been told that if we have a temperature of 100 or higher or any member of our family has a temperature of 100 or higher we are not to come to work and to seek medical attention.

We are to stay home until we have not had a temperature for 48 hours and if a family member has been sick we are to stay home a minimum of 5 days and they have had not temperature for 48 hours.

So, this morning Aislyn and Allisa told me this morning that they didn't feel good enough to go to school. I dutifully checked their temperatures. Aislyn's temperature was 97.5. Allis'a temperature was 98.1. And then I checked mine and Evan's. Evan's temperature was 97.4 and mine was 98.1.

The normal temperature for me and my kids is around 97.6. So, I guess me and Allisa have low grade fevers... :)

My boss and co-workers were ready to ban me from the office when they found out that my kids school has had confirmed cases and that my children stayed home from school... I told them that no one in my family is running a temperature of 100 or more; I'm staying. No one is sick.


Trillium said...

Everyone's blogs are lost in cyberspace. Recent blogs are not registering as posted.

Hope everyone stays un-feverish.

flummyo: a sudden onset of fear that you have the flu

Jen said...

Sounds like a bunch of sickos to me.

unfluc: pronounced "un flu see" The vitamin you take to counteract the flu. i.e., vitamin D3

Anonymous said...

Eeya...I think my whole family had it in the summer...twice. It was HORRIBLE. I am glad you guys aren't too sick!

Katscratchme said...

I only found this blog today.. weird blogger...
We haven't been sick like this.. we got Henry the vaccination, but haven't been back to get it for Audrey... I hate going to the doctor.