Monday, January 5, 2009


Victor convinced me to travel to Bakersfield with him on Saturday to pick up another pig. The trip early in the morning was very nice just the two of us. We talked about lots of things and had a really good time.

We saw four rainbows - end to end. It was beautiful. I had only seen partial rainbows - you know the kind that start in the middle of a cloud and touch down to the ground on one side? Well all four rainbows were complete arches that met the ground on both sides. One arched over both sides of the freeway with both ends planted into the green hillsides.

We arrived at the pig farm around 9:30 in the morning. It had rained and everything was muddy. YUCK!!!!!!! It smelled bad too. I don't think I have ever seen such a dirty smelly farm. It was actually really sad for some of the animals and the conditions they were in. I tried not to be bothered by it too much.

Victor purchased a much larger pig than the one we had at home and then he purchased a little piglet for me. I felt so sorry for the baby that I had to take it home. When I found her in one of the pens she was completely covered with mud, food/slop and poo. It was disgusting. She is the runt of the litter. The rest of the litter is about 3 times her size.

Her name is Charlotte. She is about the size of a cat. She already eats swine food (I add milk to soften it for her). She spends time with the family because she is too small for the pig pen. She sleeps in the dog kennel on the back patio and stays there when we are at work and school. She loves the kids and follows them every where.

Charlotte has a little cold because of the horrible conditions at the pig farm. We asked around to find out how to keep her healthy. She has already had one warm bath and Victor keeps are toasty warm when they both fall asleep on the couch for their afternoon naps. Victor administers baby tylenol drops to help her with her cold. Her favorite flavor is grape. The whole thing is really funny.

Just so that you don't think I have gone totally yaumpy, Charlotte will be fattened and taken to the fair in the fall. She will probably be auctioned off as a Market Pig. She is beautiful and her shape is perfect. She is totally white. She will be about 250 to 300 lbs by August. To compete at the fair she also has to be cane and harness trained. She will be put on her first harness in about a week or two. We have tried the cane and she acts just like a child - stubborn. We will get their soon though. She is food motivated (like all pigs) and I am pretty sure we will get her trained before too long.


Katscratchme said...

Just for clarification: Charlotte WASN'T the pig. LOL.

I wanted to ask... have you ever seen a full double rainbow? I HAVE!! HEHEHE!
My father-in-law has seen a circle/ring rainbow.. technically not a bow.. but you know what I mean.

Zaphod said...

If I had a pig, I would call it "Mona", after James Taylor's.

Oh, Mona, Mona
Too much of you to love
Just a little too much
to take care of
So long

Trillium said...

I am shaking my head in . . . incredulity. . . . . if I don't stop soon, it may just fall off. LOL

Anonymous said...

Pigs...I hear they are smarter than cats and dogs. Does that mean you can train the pig to poop in a liter box?

Jen said...

Hopefully your house won't smell like the farm you got the pigs from!!! LOL

DebbieLou said...

Did something happen to Sparky? How does he treat the pigs better than he did the neighborhood cats and chickens?