Wednesday, February 11, 2009


"She is burning up," Leanora whispered to Orrin, "she is too young."

"I know," Orrin solemnly responded.

"How long do you think this will go on?" Leanora inquired with tears in her eyes.

"It could be days; or it could be..." Orrin's voice trailed off...

Alana turned to look behind to where the muffled voices were coming from. She remembered hearing 'burning up' and 'could be days.' Although she was curious; she did not walk toward the voices. Rather, she turned back continuing through the marble arches leading outside her palace room.

She found herself on the marble covered veranda overlooking the immense apple orchard. The apple trees were covered with pink and white blossoms. A gentle breeze snatched up petals drifting them high above the canopy to fall slowly and softly down to the ground.

Alana stepped slowing down the cool marble steps spiralling toward the velvety grass of the orchard. She stopped and stood silent for some time gazing across the tops of the trees. She was so still that a quick glance in her direction; any observer would believe she was etched from marble to accent the beautifully polished marble slabs.

A warm breeze swept through the orchard and up the steps to where Alana stood. The breeze lifted her long strawberry blond hair and strands brushed across her porcelain skin. She continued to watch the sea of green with deep longing.

Sebastian brushed up against her right leg and then circled around her legs still pressing into her as his long tail playfully flitted about in the long folds of her skirt. Alana looked down and was greeted by a quick meow and a continuous low purr.

Alana answered: "It's such a beautiful day - would you like to take a walk through the orchard?" There was no need for a reply; Sebastian leaned back on his hind paws - raising the front paws - looking up at Alana. In moments he sprung in the air floating down to the green grass of the orchard with Alana following swiftly but gracefully.

The pleasant fragrance of the blossoms mingled with freshly crushed grass was soothing and the breeze carried gentle bursts of lavender from a nearby field. The sparrows chirped from their nests as Alana walked by and hummingbirds buzzed by quickly - pausing for a second in greeting and then sped off in search of more nectar. Life seemed to be bursting out in all its spectacular spring tradition. The sights and sounds a reminder of the continuous circle of life and the renewal of spring.

Alana continued through the Orchard following the path she had tread so many times before. She could hear the bubbling waters of the river that bordered her Kingdom.

Alana loved the familiar and this orchard was familiar. She felt safe here and she smiled as she recollected times past and the hours she wiled away. As she continued her journey the sun crept slowly high into the sky and its heat warmed her skin. She was glad for the light frock she chose to wear. The random shade of the apple trees became the desired recpite and eventually the heat pierced through the dense boughs. Soon the heat was so intense that little beads of perspiration dotted Alana's forehead and her cheeks burned bright red.

Sebastian wandered in the thickest and darkest parts of the orchard to escape the blazing Sun. Soon that was no relief.

Alana began to wonder why it was so hot and why it was becoming increasingly difficult to breathe. She considered resting beneath a tree and then remembered the river. She cut through the trees eastward toward the river finding it in short time. She raised her skirt above her knees and stepped into the cool winter thaw. Sebastian at the rivers edge lapped up cool water; pausing only for a moment to purr contentedly up at Alana.


Anonymous said...

That was neat! I really like your descriptions. Ah...I remember Spot well...

Rebecca said...

Thanks! There is more to come. I only had 20 minutes to type the first part of chapter 1. I will type the rest in a bit... :)