Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Mom's blog reminded me of some fun and amazing animal life in our backyard.

We usually have a lot of sparrows in our yard and we can hear them constantly. Lately, while working the yard we have had many humming birds buzzing around. Many of them are quite daring and will buzz right past our heads - protesting against our noise and invading their feed grounds. While I was picking oranges this weekend there were about two hummingbirds buzzing around the tree feeding from the orange blossoms. The were not afraid to get up close and personal with me. My fear is that they will poke my eyes out with their straw-like beeks....

We have an enourmous flock of doves that hang about in our backyard and sometimes we see them on the patio perched on the rafters. The like to eat the dog food that Sparky and Moya leave laying around. These buzzards are fat!!!

From time to time we have a visiting red-tailed hawk and he is fearless too. Not afraid of us when we are wondering around in the back-yard working away. He just watches us.

In late fall; early winter we are visited by Canadian Geese and often search for them in the sky when we hear their distinctive honking. Victor's dream/desire is to own a couple Canadian Geese. They are, I think, the most beautiful of geese and I wouldn't mind if he ever decided to purchase some (he has looked on line and he has to order at least 12)... :) LOL

Two Saturdays back we had been working out in the yard and I had gone inside to get a drink of water. While I was standing at the kitchen sink spying on my children working away with Victor I glimpsed a long legged bird... What? I was shocked. In the back-yard there was a very tall; pure white crane walking around in the back half of the yard. He didn't seem disturbed by all the work that was going on and didn't even flinch when my children discovered him and started squealing in delight over this new visitor.

We are about 5-7 miles from the ocean and about 1/2 a mile from the dry river bed. I have never seen a crane this far inland. He stayed for about an hour or two and some time when I wasn't looking he just disappeared. He hasn't visited us since - I hope he does so I can capture him on camera... ;)


Trillium said...

We've had a hawk/small eagle (?) visit our backyard during the winter. He has been seen perching in the trees with his quarry clutched in his claws(sparrows who are still struggling). I hope he has gone and won't be here for the robins' nesting season.

Anonymous said...

I love birds...at a distance...I will have to tell you the story about my encounters with an emu. A crane in your backyard is definately awesome!

Jen said...

The crane disappeared because Moya ate him when you weren't looking! LOL!!