Wednesday, March 11, 2009


The past two Saturdays we have been working in the Yard and making the planters lovely again.

The pink jasmine in the front yard is in full bloom and smells wonderful. The Navel orange tree was full of ripe oranges last month and we picked them all and took them to the Ward Social. The Navel tree is completely loaded with white blossoms, which are very fragrant. When I walk out in the morning to go to work I am blasted with the fragrances of the white orange blossoms and the pink jasmine blossoms.

I planted two more plumarias in the front planter along with 4 tomato plants and a miniture palm.

The planter that curves around the patio has been worked on as well. The Calla Lily bulbs have been split and replanted in various spots in the backyard. I discovered that two of my rose bushes were actually several bushes that had been planted together by the nursery. I dug them up and separated them as well. The front planter has four rose bushes. The side planter has two. The planter under the kitchen window has 8 rose bushes; one Persian Lime; one Asian honeysuckle and baby calla lilies.

I also planted peas; strawberries; lettuce; garlic tomatoes and various flowering bulbs to add low ground color. So, when everything is in bloom in the next couple months there will be a spectacular display of colorful flowers and it should also be pleasingly fragrant.

I have become bored with the straight lines of the backyard and have ordered many plants and flower garden plans (landscapes) and will be changing the shape of the front half of the backyard so that it looks less like a public park and more like a nicely landscaped backyard.

Our friends, the Martins gave us two new trees and they have been planted in the back half of the backyard. We now have a peach tree and a pomegranite. I still need to replant the peach tree that my children sprouted from a pit and replant a cutting from one of the cypress trees.

In a couple of weeks I will have a green house in the back half of the backyard and the Activity Day Girls will begin their service vegetable gardens. The Young Men will be joining us with this service project and the Young Women have been invited to participate. This idea was actually started last year when I was the Young Women's President and we harvested a lot of produce that was given to the Bishop for the needy in our Ward. The First Counselor in the Bishopric was glad that we had decided to do this garden again this year and will be donating some vegetable plants for this purpose.

When I figure out how to get the pictures from my camera to the computer in the garage I will post some pictures.


Zaphod said...

I am growing salt water taffy in my den.

Trillium said...

Such ambition! Sure wish some landscaper would come and fix OUR yard! :)

Rebecca said...

i thought dad was the landscaper... :)