Tuesday, April 7, 2009


While Evan was in Washington DC this past weekend he was responsible for his own things which included a new digital camera and his cell phone. Items that we were concerned he may lose... :)

In addition, he was responsible for his own spending money. He took about $140 dollars with him. We gave him a wallet and put his school id and his insurance card in it along with the money.

We had a very serious discussion with him about his belongings and that there wasn't going to be anyone to stay on top of him about his things and that if anything was lost or stolen he would have to do without.

Sunday afternoon we received a phone call from a very upset boy. It took us some time to get him to calm down so that he could speak clearly. It turns out he had lost his cell phone some where... We asked him the usual questions:

"Did you have it this morning?"

"Did you stop somewhere to buy something and leave it on a counter?"

"Did you check the bus?"

"Did you check your pants; jacket; suitcase... etc.?"

The answer was "I don't know or I checked and it's not there."

Victor was reassuring and told Evan that it was okay and that it was something that we could replace. I understood how upset he was and how frustrated he was that he could not find his cell phone.

His friend Michael was kind enough to let Evan borrow his cell phone for the remainder of the trip.

Evan came home a happy boy - excited to share the gifts he bought everyone. I could tell that the cell phone was not an issue on his mind any more... :)

This morning I received a phone call from Evan:

"Mom. The doorbell rang and someone ran away... When I opened the door there was an envelope on the step... It was addressed to me."

I of course knew where this was going...

"I read the outside of the package and saw that it was a phone. I opened the package and my cell phone was inside."

He was very excited and was happy that his cell phone had been found and that someone was kind enough to send it overnight (FEDEX) to his home.

The organizer of the trip had instructed the kids that they should label everything with their name and their address so that items could be found easily. And possiblly prevent theft. The night before he left I cut up my old business cards from being a Notary Public; wrote Evan's name at the top and secured the cards to everything with double sided tape and then covered them with regular tape (my way of laminating).

There are still good people in this world and Happy Endings do exist... :)


Anonymous said...

That is so awesome!

Trillium said...

The memory of losing his phone and then having it returned so kindly by a stranger may turn out to be the most lasting memory of the trip. It might be an example he will be inclined to follow, to "pay back" the favor.