Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More of Chapter 4

Although the emotional burden and the physical exhaustion had not lifted, Alana felt at ease. Soft harmonic tones still playing in her mind as she moved towards the darkened horizon. From time to time thunderous booms interrupted the melody. Clash of metal against metal soon joined. As Alana drew closer to the blackness she realized it was not a shadow, but rather dust and smoke rising up from the earth. A great battle lay before her. She heard the cries of men at war and the clashing and thundering continued to grow louder.

Fear pierced her heart; still driven from within she pressed forward.

This was madness. She was sure of it.

Explosive thundering shook the ground as the she continued. Her ears began to ring with metal against metal. Enraged battle cries echoed through the desert valley and the sky grew darker.

In short time she was within paces of the edge of the battle field. She inhaled deeply and held her breath - waiting - wondering - what was next.

Alana closed her eyes tightly and then let out a long slow breath emptying her lungs. She could hear her own breath as it smoothly passed through her lips. She opened her eyes and there before her lay an open path between the two groups of warriors. Not a sound was heard but her breath and her heart beating hard and fast. Every man gazed upon her as she began to move between.

She met each gaze with wonderment and awe until she came upon a face that she did not know but recognized. His golden brown skin was framed by long black tresses that reflected back glints of red. His brow slightly furrowed shadowed his deep set chestnut colored eyes. Although this man was built for war she sensed kindness behind his eyes. She memorized the chisled jaw and high cheek bones and the straight narrow nose that pointed like an arrow to the deep divet in his chin. She could not deflect her gaze upon him as she continued to move forward and his gaze did not leave hers.

Once she had completely passed him she again looked forward and saw her goal just before her. The mountain and its paved road to the top.

Silence continued almost to the second she stepped beyond the fringes of the battle field. Clashing and banging rang through the valley along with the angry battle cries. She did not look back for war was not in her nature.


Anonymous said...

So, does Victor know you find him so sexy? :D

Anonymous said...

Cooool..It's all coming together. So, when DID you have that dream about Victor? And did this battle scene happen in your dream?

Rebecca said...

The battle scene did occur in my dream. Victor was not in it.

I had two dreams about Victor when I was about 16 or 17 years old