Sunday, May 24, 2009


Victor has continued to run a temperature - about 101F

A GI Specialist was called in because Victor's abdomin was still tight and hard and he was still experiencing pain.

The GI Specialist made several changes to Victor's therapy. He has a tube draining the fluids from his stomach (the fluids from his pancreas have been spilling into his stomach). He has about four different IV fluids dripping. He has his own self medicating pain medicine. Because he is still on oxygen and they don't want him dried out - they have added a humidifier to the oxygen.

He has been moved to ICU so that he can be monitered more closely and has had two more exams along with blood work. He has had another CTScan and an ultrasound along with chest x-rays.

I'm going back to the hospital in a few minutes to sit with him for a couple of hours.


Trillium said...

My prayers are with you both.

Anonymous said...