Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Last night I brought Victor home after nearly two weeks in the hospital.

He has lost a total of 20 lbs and his clothes are huge on him. He is a little two skinny... :(

He is a little weak, but should begin gaining strength over the next few days as he moves about and eats better. We ran a couple errands together this afternoon and it wore him out. He took a nap for about an hour this afternoon.

He had his hair cut this afternoon and this morning after he took a shower he shaved his beard and now he only has his long mustache like he did when we first began dating.

Victor is happy to be home and that he doesn't have to have tubes coming out of him. For a period of time he thought of himself as a BORG and would say: "Resistance is Futile" to make his guests laugh.

I am glad he has escaped the grips of the BORG collective and has rejoined the Gonzales Collective. He and Capt Picard could have a nice long chat... :)

Thanks for all your love and support over the past two weeks.


Anonymous said...

Yay! Glad to hear he is doing better!

Trillium said...

"Engage!" (Picard-speak for lets get the show on the road! LOL)