Monday, July 13, 2009


This past weekend Victor and I took the kids to Hurricane Harbor. This is the first family activity of the summer (now half over) and the first activity since Victor came home from the hospital.

We arrived before the park gates opened and stood outside the gates for nearly an hour before they decided to let us in. The dissappointing part is the fact that the gates opened 45 minutes late... :(

I tried to stay in the shade as we waited. The heat in Valencia, CA can be unbearable without shade.

Evan and Alex were given the assignment to locate 6 pool side chairs in the shade. So, they walked very quickly (no running allowed) to the designate area and acquired the coveted spots before any of the other Hurricane Harbor guests.

Our area was quickly set up and we rented intertubes for the kids (including the big kids... ). The Lazy River is more fun on a tube... :)

Victor and I stood in line with the kids for a few of the water rides - some of which scare the crap out of me, but I was a sport and played along... :) We spent quite a bit of time on the Lazy River and relaxing poolside. We were careful to apply sun screen to every part of exposed skin and except for a few missed spots we all escaped some serious sunburns.

Victor is quite pleased with his not so pale looking skin and can proudly say that he is native american without getting funny looks :).

The kids had a great time. They all made new friends. Alex seemed to be attracting the female gender and ended up spending the bulk of his "missing in action time" with a few girls. Aislyn and Allisa made friends quickly with a very sweet girl, Elizabeth, who was a lot of fun.

I even made some friends while standing in line for food. Two very nice looking young men who just love to chat you up and talk about "girly" things including clothes and where to buy them... :)

After about 7 hours of water and sun we thought we should go next door to Magic Mountain for a few hours. 20 minutes into the adventure at the mountain, Victor and I decided we had had enough and told the kids we were going home. They didn't put up a fight...

As of 11 a.m. this morning my children were still sleeping. We were going to go back today and then were reminded by Allisa that she has a violin lesson at 5 p.m. - so we are going tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun! Magic mountain makes me want to puke. Good luck with that one!

Rebecca said...

it turns out my children are still asleep today and it is now 11:42... :)

Victor is letting them sleep. He said if they wanted to go they wouldn't have gotten up already.

Katscratchme said...

How fun! I'm jealous! :)
I miss Magic Mountain and Disneyland and all that. I'd probably throw up on most of those rides, but nostalgia is the best part!