Monday, August 10, 2009

Mormon Night and Dodger Stadium

Thursday evening we went to Echo Park and enjoyed the Dodger game with friends and many other members of the church.

Elder Ballard and one of the 70 threw the first pitch of the game. It was awesome!!!!! :)

Our friend, Bishop Ramirez, shook Elder Ballard's hand and spoke to him briefly.

We sat in the all you can eat section of the stadium. This is located behind right field.

The innings were very quick and a little frustrating for me personally. I love the Dodgers - but they let the Braves take home 4 times!!!!!!!!!!!! Manny Ramirez was not playing ball and should have sat out the game! He was very bad!! :(

We usually leave Echo Park once the 9th inning begins. We had brought Bishop Ramirez and his son so we stayed.

At the bottom of the 9th the Dodgers were down 4-2. I was very sad. When Andre Ethier was up to bat there were two players on base. I thought for certain we were going to lose. At one point he had 2 balls and 2 strikes.

If you follow the Dodgers you know that Ethier hit a home run and they won 5-4! I totally lost it. I screamed for almost 10 minutes. I had to buy a t-shirt with Ethier's number and name. Unfortunately they didn't have any my size so I settled for the child size. I am going to frame it with my Ticket stub, the news paper article from the next morning and the Dodger water bottle.

We had so much fun!!!!!!!!11


Anonymous said...

That is so fun! I have only been to one live game in my life, and that was a Dukes game in ABQ. The only exciting thing that happened was one of the players flipped off the crowd. :P Even so, nothing beats being at a stadium during a game! It makes watching sports at home seem rather sad.

Katscratchme said...

The fun thing about going to sporting events (for me) is hanging out with friends and family... the sport itself has little pull for me. :P
I went to a Dukes game once too (incidentally, the Dukes moved to a different state and the team in Albuquerque is now the Isotopes). The funniest thing that happened there is that the teen girls in our ward got one of the outfielders to dance.