Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Spanish 01

Last night was my Spanish 01 class. I have this class two nights a week (T and Th).

I didn't learn too much in terms of new information... I already know the alphabet and I can count to 100...

I can ask the time; ask you your name; and ask your how you are doing...

I also know how to say hello and good bye...

In our house, Spanish is used when our kids are in trouble:

Sit down!
Go Away!
Be quiet!
Come here!

Most of the students in the class did not purchase their books yet - so we didn't have the first lesson we should have and we didn't get homework assigned. We do have an exam next Thursday on the first three chapters!

The homework was 1) buy the books and 2) logon and register with the on-line workbook 3) know how to spell your name in Spanish (both first and last names) 4) know how to say your phone number in Spanish

All very easy.

The instructor loves to speak in Spanish - so only half the class understood what he was talking about and about a quarter of that half understood every word. I was in the 1/2 that understood the gist and laughed when appropriate.

This will be a fun and a challenging class once we get going.


Zaphod said...

Que bueno! Which means, roughly translated "I have a pretty good K"

Anonymous said...

Ah...I miss my Spanish classes. I really want to go back and take them all over again.
I would have thought you would be fluent by now! Spanish is so much fun. Yo quiero un clase de espanol! Buena suerte! (forgive me if it isn't exactly's been 5 years. :P )

Katscratchme said...

Two years of spanish in high school and I remember practically nothing, but when I read it, I get the idea.

Trillium said...

all my practical Spanish I learned in the movies: va-moose amigo! adios! LOL