Tuesday, October 13, 2009


For the last several months Allisa has been the care giver; protector and mother of our newest kitten, Chiana.

Allisa has bottle fed her when she was too little to eat (we have had her since she was 4 weeks old); gave her supplements; fed her every morning and evening; kept the litter box clean and has bathed her on several occasions. Chiana was the healthiest; cleanist cat the vet has ever seen and was impressed with how well she was taken care of.

Allisa and Chiana would often leap through the house, chasing each other. At night I would find them both curled up in bed together.

Allisa went to all the vet visits with Chiana and learned from the vet and assistants every time.

Chiana was not allowed outside. Too dangerous. If she snuck out the front one of the children or myself would race outside to snatch her up and bring her back in.

Sunday evening Victor and Andy returned from Palm Springs and the front door was left open (to cool the house down). No one saw the mini escape artist sneak out the front door.

In a very short period of time Chiana had found her way to the back yard. Not good. :(

Our very cute adorable kitty was not quick enough to escape the guard dog Sparky.

Allisa and I spent several hours in tears. And my thoughts raced to try to find a way to console her. I feared that she would ask me eternal questions that I wasn't sure that I knew the answer to. I struggled most of the night (not getting any sleep) wondering how I would answer the questions:

1) Is Chiana in heaven?
2) Will I see Chiana again?
3) Is it silly to be sad when our pets are gone?

As I sought answers in prayer simple scriptures entered my mind like soft whispers. I soon remembered that all living things existed as intelligences and then as spirits before they came to earth. I witnessed the light in Chiana vanish as she died in my arms. She would not have had that light if she did not have a spirit.

So to answer the questions of a broken hearted little girl. Yes, Chiana is in heaven and yes you will see her again. I believe life, no matter what form is of value and that when we lose a pet it is appropriate to mourn the loss.

Victor and I have allowed Allisa to keep special items that belonged to Chiana as a reminder of her sweet kitten. She has found comfort and peace in the memories and the knowledge that she will see Chiana again.


Katscratchme said...

This blog hit close to home for me. It was only last December that we had to put Karli down. I watched the light leave her eyes and I refused to deal with it for a long time.
I know I'll see her again. She was the first of my fur babies that was truly mine.

Anonymous said...

I think that animals are a gift from God. To be able to hold such a tiny, fuzzy creation is a blessing. AJ was always my angel cat, and would wait up for when I was late. It was really hard when we had to put her to sleep. It is comforting to know that the animals we love have access to heaven too. :)