Monday, January 25, 2010



1 packet of your favorite guacamole seasoning
2 large avocados
1-2 early girl tomatoes (or other vine tomato)
1-2 limes (depending on how juicy)
sour cream
cream cheese
garlic (fresh or granulated)

For spicy guacamole you can add about a tablespoon of your favorite chile sauce; salsa or finely chopped pepper (serano, habanero, etc.)  My favorite chile pepper is a habanero because they have a sweet flavor beneath the burn.  :)

When adding tomatoes try to remove the seeds and only chop in the fleshy part of the tomato.  This will keep the guacamole from getting to runny.  Limes are very strong and before your decide to add the juice of a whole lime, squeeze it into a dish and add gradually until the flavor is to your liking.  Sour cream adds a nice punch to the guacamole - don't put too much -maybe 1/4 - 1/2 depending on how large your avocados are.

The best part is the cream cheese.  Don't get the whipped cream cheese.  Cream cheese is thick and will help keep your guacamole from becoming soup.

Garlic is another tricky ingredient.  If you use granulated garlic be prepared to season the same way you would salt - less is more.

Fresh garlic can either make your guacamole sweet or very hot.  Taste your pressed garlic before adding it and then gradually add it to the mix.  DO NOT OVER MIX THE GUACAMOLE.  You will have soup.

Enjoy with your favorite chips.

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