Thursday, March 11, 2010


Things seem to be running smoothly at the Gonzales household. 

No major catastrophies; no new injuries; a few sniffles and coughs (mostly allegies).  Things are good.

Victor is healthy and still slim (I think he has lost a few more pounds). 

Vincent is working for his Uncle's tree trimming business and finishing up high school.  We hope to have him graduated by the end of the year.

Evan is having a good experience in high school.  He participated in Cross Country during the fall sports season and is now participating in Track.  He has his second track meet today and is competing in 4 events:

100 hurdles
300 hurdles
100 sprint
300 sprint

His legs are still skinny but they don't look like 2X4's any more.  They actually have some muscle tone.

Aislyn is recovering nicely.  She sees the orthopedic surgeon next Wednesday to make sure that she is healing properly.  No surgery on the horizon.

Allisa is excelling in school.  She particpated in the Academic Olympics at school and came in 1st place in Math in her class.  She earned a 2nd place in art at the class level.  She also placed 1st - school wide - in Geography.  She moved onto the Academic Olympics - City competition - we have not heard the results.  She feels that she did poorly.  But that's okay.  She did really well at the school level.

I'm working; trying to lose weight and trying to keep my house in order.  Some days I am fairly successful.  Other days I do nothing.  That's okay too.  I try not to get bothered by the messes and unfinished projects and chores.

I hope all is well with you.


Anonymous said...

Great to hear an update! 2X4s...HA HA HA!

I want to come and visit you guys SO BAD! We will have to rig a trip this summer....

Katscratchme said...

So how goes the weight loss. Updates!

Trillium said...

Glad to hear that all's OK! :)