Thursday, April 29, 2010


Well, the blouse is done.  The inner skirt is done.  The bodice is done.

I have one night to finish sewing the out skirt.  The open seam in the front is done.  The zipper and the back seam are done.  I need to sew the front to the back.  Gather the waist.  Sew on the waistband.  Hem the skirt.  And then, I can sew on the gold braid that runs down the front of the open seam and along the hem.

I have found the workmanship has been a little shoddy as I have rushed.  I don't have finished seams on the blouse or the skirts.  The only piece that has finished seams and lining is the bodice (and it is the most beautiful part of the ensemble).  I guess this is one of the hazzards of waiting until the last minute to finish a project.

I must say, Aislyn is getting a really good deal here.  Poor Evan had to wear an unfinished shirt for his banquet.  I couldn't bring myself to hem it and finish the embellishments.  I hated his shirt!!!   It has been two years and he still asks me if I am going to finish it.



Anonymous said...

Awesome! Is that why you weren't answering your phone??? I tried calling you, silly woman.

Rebecca's Oasis said...

Yes. I am now done and I will be checking my messages and returning phone calls for the next week.

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