Monday, May 10, 2010


I had a nice relaxing Mother's Day.  Actually I had a nice relaxing Mother's Day weekend.

I cleaned my room Friday evening; did some laundry; worked on my computer and then watched several episodes of Legend of the Seeker.

Saturday morning we all slept in.  Victor and I were the first ones away; yet we stayed in bed and turned the television on to watch more episodes of the Seeker (season 2).  The kids joined us later.  We ended up spending the whole day in the room watching the Seeker.  At about 4 p.m. Victor decided we needed to get up and go get food.  We went to In-n-Out and returned with the food and ate burgers and fries while we continued to watch the Seeker in the room.  Around 9:30 p.m. I crashed.

Sunday morning I slept in a little; got ready for church and got the kids up.

We had a nice Sacrament Meeting.  The primary kids sang Love is Spoken Hear and then the Activity Girls sang another song with me and Sirena Calvert.  The name of the song eludes me :)  The first line of the song is:  Mother, tell me the stories that I love to hear...

When I left church I had already received a leie; a chocolate bar and tulips.

At home I received flowers from Victor; a card from Allisa with a poem; a cake and flowers from Devlyn and a potted plant from Victor's sister.  Victor made dinner with Aislyn and my nephew Rojelio.  They made tri-tip; potato salad; garlic bread; a lettuce salad and cut up strawberries (my favorite).

I took a nap; read my book and watched the last few episodes of the Seeker and watched reruns of Eureka (new season starting in a couple months).

Happy Mother's Day to all you Mothers.  I hope it was wonderful for you too!! :)

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE LEGEND OF THE SEEKER! We are all caught up, though, so we have to wait a whole week between episodes...

I am glad you had a nice mother's day! Sleeping in and chocolate are always lovely. :)