Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Well I have had my second doctor's visit...  I am still a little sore.  Dr. Lundquist has submitted requests for MRI's on my next and back sense I am having numbness on my left side and in my face... :)

It is very odd to feel spider webs on your face and there is nothing there.

I decided to not take any of the meds that were prescribed last week last night before I went to bed.  I am not happy with that decision today. 

I will let you know what they find... :)


Trillium said...

Incidentally, you have a very distracting transparent box that has lately appeared on every blog: "this image or video has been moved or deleted ... photobucket"

Or is it just happening to me?

word verification: demin (there's a "demin" who put the box there)

Chris said...

Hey, it appears that the numbness might be affecting your brain too, because you said "next" instead of "neck" and "sense" instead of "since". Tehehehehee!!

Yes, I see the word verification box too. I had that on mine too, but when I changed the background, it disappeared. Perhaps it is an old background which they no longer have, and is causing a problem.

Anonymous said...

The backgrounds were all deleted! That's why I changed mine... :P

I am sorry that your body is rebelling...:(