Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I really love the fair and I love entering items in the various categories.  Yeterday was the first entry date for produce.  After work I went home; grabbed my wicker basket; did a beeline for the garden; and began picking produce to enter.

I could enter items in either the Organic Grower category or the Home Gardener category.  I always choose the Home Gardener category.

I entered one of the zucchini's in the Longest Zucchini contest.  I think there was one that was a fraction longer than mine :(

I also entered the following:

In the Fruit & Pod Vegetable Division I entered:

Peppers, Chile, extra hot (5)
Peppers, Chile, hot (5) - there is someone who actually eats one of the peppers to check the hotness

In the Deciduous Fruits Division I entered:

Quince (5)

In Citrus Fruits Division I entered:

Tangerines (5)

Victor was very nice and drove me to the fair grounds; helped me carry the basket and waited patiently for me to complete the entry process.

Last year some of my entries were completely consumed by either judges or observers...

Any produce left over after the fair that is still in good condition is donated to Food Share.  I like that idea.

Next week I get to enter my tomatoes; eggs and present a harvest basket for judging :)  If my strawberries are ripe and can fill a whole pint basket I can enter those too.

Victor said that he would take them in for me since I have to be at work during the entry times.

I am so excited!


Trillium said...

Good Luck! I hope you get all blue ribbons!

Chris said...

But don't forget that I made the best pumpkin bread. Reserve Chamption. Buhahaahahaha!!!

Anonymous said...

How fun! How come we have never had Thanksgiving dinner at your house?? You are a house full of cooks! And farmers, since farmers would apply better to this blog, but whatever...

Rebecca said...

we would love to have Thanksgiving at our house! :)