Sunday, August 1, 2010


The kids spent Saturday baking for the fair. 

Allisa had a blast baking!  She was up early Saturday morning to get a jump start.  She even cleaned the kitchen before she started.  She was up at 6:30 this morning to finish up her projects.

She ended up taking the following items to the fair:

pumpkin pie
pecan pie
apple pie
french bread (used yeast for the first time)
lemon  squares
chocolate chip cookies

Aislyn tried some new things this year:

bran muffins (very tasty)
carmel sticky rolls (also used yeast for the first time)
carrot cake
zuchinni bread

Evan tried several new things:

lemon mirange pie
apple tart

Alex made zuchinni bread again this year along with cherry pie; peach pie and lemon squares.

All items were cut and placed on paper plates and covered this morning before we transported them to the fair.

The volunteers at the fair know are children and are excited every time they see us.  As the kids advance in the age groups the volunteers are saddened that they have lost one child to the older age group; but are excited to get the next one.  Allisa brought in the rest of her pumpkin pie to share with the volunteers.  They really love her pies!  She won't be in that age group next year so they asked her to make an extra one for them when she bakes next year.

The fair opens this Wednesday; we will go to the fair grounds on Saturday to drop off my fresh flower arrangements and then we will return.  We are able to return to the fair on the days we bring entries without paying because we are stamped when we leave!!! :)  Such a deal!

I am excited for my kids.  Their baking skills are exceptionally high for their ages.  I will let you know how they do on Saturday!


Trillium said...

Mmmmmmmmm! I can almost smell the yummy baking aromas from here!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds tasty!

Everytime I think of the fair, I think of the fair I went to in NM on year...all the food was moldy...looked nasty...