Tuesday, September 7, 2010

CREATIVE EXPRESSION Instrument of Healing

Mary Beth Maziarz recently wrote an article in a publication called Natural Awakenings.  Mary Beth Maziarz is an author and professional songwriter whose songs have appeared in 50 films and television shows.  Her most recent book is, Kick-Ass Creativity - An Energy Makeover for Artists, Explorers, and Crative Professionals.

She stated:  "We all feel drawn by enticing creative projects we'd like to try."

She also said:

"Mounting scientific evidence makes it clear that personal creative expression, once percieved as a luxury, sideline or hobby in our busy lives, is in fact a keystone of our most healthy and worthwhile activities.  In infinitely varied and pleasurable forms, creative practices can move us beyond artful living to also serve as a vehicle for healing."

"When we apprceiate others' creativity, or better yet, activley bring creativity to bear in our own experiences, such participation shapes our sense of self and can render physical and emotional benefits.  Studies published in Time and MuSICA (Music and Science Information Computer Archive), for example, have shown that music is a powerful ally.  Listening and playing music not only helps us manage our moods and emotions, it also works to reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol, repair and regenerate brain neurosn, calm anxiety and regulate heart rate."

I have always felt relief and comfort when a take the time to sit at the piano and play.  It has been theraputic and has been a source of balance for me.  My other creative activities have the same affect; however, playing music has been the most powerful.

I always felt a little selfish endulging in creative pursuits and after reading this article I realized that those pursuits not only benefit me it benefits my family because I am more rounded and I have skills to offer my children.  I also encourage my children to pursue their creative desires.

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Anonymous said...

Yay! That means I can be elbow-deep in sheet music, paint and yarn, all for the benefit of my family! :D