Monday, October 4, 2010


At the beginning of the school year Allisa had asked if she could participate in after school activities.  I said she could... then waited to hear from her what she had chosen to do.

She came home one afternoon and asked if she could participate in Vollyball.  I said sure. 

This is the first year that Mesa Union will participate in a vollyball league. 

I pick Allisa up after work.  I usually get there a few minutes before she is done with practice.  The first time I sat and watched I noticed that she dances around on the court (nervous energy).  My thoughts were:  "She is driving the coach crazy."

She does listen to instruction.  She was up to serve the ball and she tipped it with her knuckles resulting in the ball just rolling off her hand and dropping to the floor.  The coach came over and explained to Allisa how to serve the ball.  On the second attempt the ball arched beautifully over the net and was never returned by the opposing team.  Allisa scored a point. :)

Every day I watch her as she participates and I have noticed a major improvement.  She doesn't dance around the court and her serves are powerful (building her confidence).  She leaves the court with a huge smile; with her hair all over the place and little smears of dirt across her nose and chin.

Her first game is tomorrow after school.  I am really excited for her.


Anonymous said...

Awesome! I love volleyball, but I think in all my experience with playing, I have only ever been on a team that has once maybe once. But, that's okay. It was a lot more fun than basketball! Contact sports are the brewing pot of violence. :D

Katscratchme said...

Kudos to her! I hated volleyball because I don't like sports implements flying at my head, small, big, round, whatever... it's too scary for me.
I also didn't like volleyball because the position changes confused me!