Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Allisa had her very first Volleyball game yesterday afternoon.

She is the tiniest player on her team.  She had a lot of fun!  She still dances around the court...

Allisa is a good sport and is always smiling, even when she misses.  The girls on the team are awesome and they are constantly building each other up.

The first set was very close.  The other team one by 1 point.  The second set was also very close.  Our team one by 2 points...

Allisa may not be good at returning the ball; she is, however, very good at serving.  Because of her size the other team was not prepared for her serves and Allisa scored!!!!! :)  I believe this happened a couple times.  She was very happy and her team mates cheered her on.

I tried to video tape some of the game on my phone so that I could show Victor.  You can hear me screaming in the back ground.  Yes, I am a crazy mom when it comes to my kids! :) 

Next game I am going to take the video camera so that I can post it.

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