Thursday, October 21, 2010


At some point in our lives we attempt to reconnect with family members.  We are searching for an identity; love; loyalty and understanding.

We usually try to make our bonds stronger when we lose family that is close or dear to us.

Because I live so far away from my parents and my siblings; I feel disconnected and long for close family ties.  I am keenly aware of how alone I am sometimes.  This helps me to identify those who feel the same things or experience the same things.

Yesterday was an exciting day for Victor and our children.  Circumstances that can only be described as divine intervention; made it possible for Victor to be re-united with his daughter, Crystal.  We last saw her over 10 years ago and have often wondered where she was and if we would be able to find her.

While Victor has been actively looking for her this past year; Crystal was actively looking for Victor and her siblings.  Victor was able to spend several hours with her last night and then she came over to meet her brothers and sisters.

She is a beautiful young woman (will be 16 in January).  She is a lot like Aislyn in appearance and mannerisms.  She is excited about spending time with her extended family.  She was happy to find out that Lucy was still alive because her other grandmother passed away.  She desperately wants to build the family bonds and we are happy to have her.  I hope that what she is seeking can be fulfilled by her newly found family.

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Anonymous said...

That is so wonderful! I know how much not knowing where she was was troubling the both of you! I hope that you can all have a great time catching up!