Sunday, December 26, 2010


To those of you who guessed on my blog and those who guessed in your heads; you are all wrong!!!!  HA!HA!HA!

The beautiful little creature that Evan has wanted almost his whole entire life is a Chinchila!

He still hasn't named her - for the past couple weeks Victor and Patsy have been calling her "Little Girl".  That may stick.  Evan is at a loss for words.

Evan has been instructed on how to take care of her and how to keep her habitat clean.  They are funny little creatures.  They are very tiny and extremely active.  Their fur is very soft and delicate. 

I explained to Evan that Chinchila's take dirt baths; they are not to get wet; you feed them hay and seeds - not after mid night; and they are supposed to be handled every day and given lots of love and attention.  He asked me what would happen if she got wet or ate after midnight.  I explained that terrible things happen.  Little pustuals will form on her back and little baby man eating chinchila's pop out of them and ravage cities leaving only hair and bones in their wake.... :)

He was stunned!

So far she has only left trails of her own waste while running around in her exercise ball.  The remedy - a Kirby.

All the kids are taken with her and think she is absolutely adorable.

Depending on how Evan does with his new friend; we may get a second Chinchila.  Chinchila's are social creatures.  This Chinchila loves cats and would hop on and play with "Sparky" the cat at Patsy's house.  "Sparky" loved the Chichila as well.  He would be found inside the cage with the Chinchila or outside the cage resting his two front paws inside...  very funny actually.

So, we will send pictures once we can get some good ones without her moving around... she is fast!


Trillium said...

Hey! I was really close--both guesses: kangaroo and kangaroo rat! hahaha :D

Anonymous said...

Oooo...are they stinky??? I remember Emily had a chinchilla fur when we were was so soft...