Saturday, September 17, 2011


Thursday, September 15th Dad and Aunt Judy drove up from Long Beach.  The plan to stop at the Gonzales Ranchito, and then head up to Lompoc to visit Grandma Mead.  Last week, Victor and I spoke to the new mommies and asked them if they would like to come over and introduce their beautiful babies to Great Grandpa Hyde and Great, Great Aunt Judy.  So, when Dad and Aunt Judy came into our home they were greeted by the new mommies and new babies.  Here are some pictures:

This is Grandpa Hyde with Katana Rae Gonzales

The proud papa, Vincent, is standing by...

Here is Great, Great Aunt Judy with Katana

Stevie, Katana's mother is wearing the red sweatshirt in the background.

Here is beautiful Kadence Ella Arnold with her Great Grandpa Hyde.  Very tiny...

Grandpa Hyde was very pleased with his expertise in putting both Granddaughters to sleep...

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Trillium said...

Great photos!

The date on the photos (1/31/2007) may lead to a lot of confusion at some point in the future.