Friday, October 21, 2011


Since Devlyn and her siblings were young we have taken them to the McGrath Pumpkin Patch every year. 

Each child is permitted to pick one pumpkin.  The only limitation is their ability to carry it.

"How big can we get?"  is the question asked every year. 

Victor's reply:  "If you can carry it you can have it."

Every year the pumpkins have gotten larger and larger.

When the pumpkins were small the kids would carve cut little faces and we would put one little tea light inside.
Last year the pumpkins were so large and my children more creative with their carving skills that we had giant reptiles and bugs carved out of the pumpkins and using 3 to 4 tea lights.

The family tradition continues onto our grandchildren this year when Devlyn and Dru took Kadence to the McGrath pumpkin patch.  It appears that the pumpkin patch has claimed the sweet little bud as she can not carry a pumpkin on her own yet...


Anonymous said...

Awww! She's a cutie!

I love that tradition! We have one like, but I pick out the pumpkins for the little people...mostly so they won't throw them at each other.

Trillium said...

She looks like she must be good natured -- sun in the eyes and she's not screaming!