Saturday, May 5, 2012


For as long as I can remember I have been driven by the compulsion to count my steps and follow lines or arrows...  Because I am aware of this affliction I tend to find humor in it...

When Dara and her family came to visit us last week we took a field trip to one of the State Parks near the Ventura Pier.  Jeremy, not knowing the area, followed me to our destination.  We get to the parking lot entrance and I stop to pay for parking.  I proceeded to follow the arrows on the asphalt to the main parking area.  There were more arrows guiding me through the labrynth of parking slots.  I continued to follow them until Jeremy caught up with me.

"Just follow the arrows until you find a parking space..."

Jeremy is a really good follower.  He made every turn I made until I parked.  He pulled into the parking space next to me and gave me an odd look.  And then the odd looked turned to a bewildered look.  Hi expression continued to change as I began laughing.

The parking lot was virtually empty when we parked.  To be specific, we were the only two vehicles in the parking lot.

We organized the troops and I led them to the nearest sidewalk...  We followed the sidewalk to the pier - staying on the right side.    My kids and Dara's kids are really good at following the lines and arrows too!

One afternoon while the Cards were visitin I decided to take a little trip (run errands).  Dara and Allisa came with me.  At one point, I turned into the driveway of a small shopping center.  I followed the path to the drive-thru for Chick-Fillet.  We ordered some nuggets.  We followed the drive thru to the window and paid for the yummies and received our order.

I pulled out of the drive-thru and followed the next set of arrows into the drive-thru for Wendy's and ordered some rootbeer floats.  Followed the arrows to the window; paid for more yummies and received our order.  We pulled out of that drive thru...

Oh No!!!!  More arrows to follow.  The next thing we knew we were in the drive-thru for Del Taco ordering Churros.  The last set of arrows led us to the Chevron gas station where I bought two Voltage Mountain Dew sodas and two Smart Waters.  Dara picked up the Fuji water she discovered that she really likes... :)

This past Thursday the kids and I wanted a treat...  we followed the arrows:

Chick-Fillet:  Ordered Chocolate Brownies
Wendy's:  Ordered Fries
Del Taco:  Ordered  Chicken Soft Tacos
KFC:  Ordered Chicken Snackers
Jack in the Box:  Ordered Strawberry Banana Smoothies

Evan, Aislyn and Allisa enjoyed following the arrows.  It turned out to be a fun little outing.

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You is one crazy chick. :)