Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I walked along the paths of right
Until I stood at the gate of night.
I unlatched the latch and entered in
And found myself upon paths of sin.

I wandered miles and miles,
And days and nights
Until my soul awakened with a terrible fright.

“Oh!” I cried in tempest’s roar.
I plead with God, “Please, no more!”

I sought for love and comfort there
And found my Savior had been waiting there.

“My child,” He said in kindest tone,
“I love you so.” and then he groaned.
“I understand your pain.” He said
As my eyes moistened and my nose turned red.

“I watched you travel the paths of light,
But then you wandered in the night.
I prayed for you and tried to touch your heart,
But you could not see in the thick black dark.”

“My child, I grew sad upon your choice
And wished to hear your sweet soft voice.
“I watched you as you continued to fall
And wished that you would be humble enough to call.”

“Then one night in deepest anguish
I felt a tug upon my sleeve.
“I turned and looked with anxious love
There you were on bended knee.”

“I picked you up.
I embraced your soul.
“I even carried you through the knolls.
After traveling days and nights,

“And working with all my strength and might.
We worked our way home from wretched nights
“And walked into the bright warm light.

“I woke you from your slumber deep,
And set you down upon your feet.

“Thank you, Lord for blessing me,
And seeing that my soul was freed.

I watched as the Savior ascended to God
When I could see him no more,
I bowed my head and thanked him once more.
I looked to the left and beheld the rod.
And determined that I would forever hold on.

With prayerful thought, I took each step
And proceeded through life upon eternal precept.
I continued to walk the paths of light,
And I have found joy in doing right.


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Cool! Now I can stop going to church! I can read Becky's blog instead, and while I still don't know much about my oldest sibling, at least I can get spiritually edified!

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