Saturday, August 30, 2008

News from the Gonzales Ranch

This is a photograph of one of the flower arrangements I have put together from flowers in the garden. I am going to put together a book of all of my flower arrangements for my children. I have about a dozen pictures so far.
Well, it has been a busy week and much was accomplished. The Young Men and Young Women came over to our house for a joint activity and worked in the Welfare Garden. The Lovestedts took the vegetables home - Two big produce boxes - The bishop will have fun giving this food out. The cantelopes are almost ripe and we are excited to taste them.

Allisa turned 9 last week. Evan turns 13 on Monday. The kids have grown like weeds over the summer. Evan is as tall as me. Aislyn is a couple inches shorter. All three successfully completed their first week of school. Only one minor hitch - which resulted in "MAMA BEAR" expressing her displeasure with the school voice mail; the secretary; and the Principal. And there was no appeasing me, no matter how hard the Principal tried. Victor and I now have an appointment with the Principal and all of Evan's teachers. Long story...

I have new responsibilities at work - I have made my boss happy... :)

When I get my first chapter finalized I will post it on my blog - I hope you like it. Any way, this was just a teaser. I will write something worth reading tomorrow. Have a great Labor Day Weekend!


Chris said...

Nice flower arrangement.

You know what you should do, you should create a little video of you creating a flower arrangement and post it on your blog. That would be cool to watch.

Once again, nice flowers. They are faavmlmj.

Anonymous said...

Very pretty! I am envious of your flowers. I want to hear the long story!

Katscratchme said...

I want to hear the stories too!

I so very much want to have a proper flower garden... I'll have to be patient tho... :(

Trillium said...

I specialized in fighting with principals and vice-principals . . . . So I know all about long stories.