Monday, August 25, 2008


To Answer some questions regarding my garden. The garden was originally setup as a Welfare Garden. The Young Men and Young Women are working on it and produce is harvested and given to the Bishop to give to the needy in our Ward.

We planted 6 zuchinni plants and 6 yellow crookneck plants and have been harvesting squash for a long time. I entered the Yellow crookneck in the fair and was awarded 1st place.

We are growing pumpkin which should be ready for Halloween and Thanksgiving. The youth begged for pumpkins and I gave in.

I love making Salsa and completed in the Spicy Salsa Competition at the Fair. I was awarded Honorable Mention. I will compete again next year. I need to add Habanero chiles to the garden for my fresh garden salsa recipe. Yes, we like it HOT!

We planted strawberries but nothing has happened with them. Probably won't have strawberries until the rainy season.

We have planted 4 varieties of tomatoes. We have Cherry Tomatoes, Celebrity Tomatoes, Early Girl Tomatoes & Heirloom Tomatoes. All are quite tasty! In my planter near the house I am growing Zebra Tomoatoes. No fruit yet.

We have two avocado trees. They are currently growing leaves and not much else. We will have fruit in winter.
We have canteloupe. They are growing but not ready for harvest.
We have corn. We have harvested the corn and will be planting another crop in the next couple weeks.
We have two varieties of cucumbers. Slicing cucumbers and burpless. They are very sweet and we have been harvesting about every other day.
We have many Thompson Seedless Grapes. They are sweet but small. Still working on the grapes. Still learning about them and how to get them bigger.


Trillium said...

Beautiful garden, beautiful produce. I am impressed. I was not blessed with a green thumb myself. It must skip generations.

Katscratchme said...

I don't know if it skips generations.. I'm pretty awful. The fact that I've been able to grow anything at all is a miracle. (I do have some green beans and small tomatoes, however)

The garden looks fantastic, Becky. I'm jealous of southern California weather. I have a solid 5 months in which to grow produce... unless there are some plants that grow in frozen dirt...
Anyway, hope those canteloupes come out great! We love those!

Anonymous said...

LOL! I just realized I thought you would be harvesting Avacados with snow on the ground and I was like "What the FREAK??" Yes...Southern California...

Chris said...

Yeah, we have it kind of rough. We have 3 months of summer and 9 months of winter.