Saturday, January 31, 2009


A few of you know that I went to the Rosary last night for Faith Provencio and I went to the funeral mass and graveside service this morning.

When I got up this morning to take Evan to his fund raiser at the school I decided to write a story for Noah Provencio that began formulating last night when I went to bed:

A Message for Noah

In Loving Memory of
Faith Christian Provencio
January 22, 2009
January 23, 2009

There once was a brother Noah and his sister Faith who lived in Heaven a long time ago. They lived there with their family waiting for the day when they could be born and live on earth with their mom and dad.

One day Noah and Faith were playing in the Celestial Gardens. This was their favorite place to be. The roses reminded them of their mother who was already on earth.

Faith looked up at her brother and asked, "Who do you think will be born first?"

Noah thought for a while and then said: "I will be born first."

"Why?" Faith asked.

"Well, I am your brother. I should be born first so that I can be your "big brother." Faith smiled "What would you do as my big brother?"

"I would love you and watch over you. I would hold you when you were sad or lonely. And I would do all the things big brothers should do."

"Okay," Faith began "If you get to be born first, I get to return to Heaven first so that I can prepare a Hero's Homecoming. Because you would be a Hero if you do all these things."

Noah and Faith sat side by side in the garden holding hands for a long while. They just sat there and smiled. For they loved each other very much.

One day the great bells rung through Heaven announcing the marriage of two people. Faith and Noah ran to the Great Hall to find out who was getting married. When they got there the Great Hall was already full of others who were waiting to go to earth. Everyone was excited to hear who was getting married.

When the Angel Gabriel walked out onto the grand balcony the whole hall became so quiet you could hear the ping of a pin drop. When Gabriel made the announcement, Faith and Noah could hardly believe their ears. Their mom and dad had found each other and were getting married. They reached for each other and hugged each other so tight they could hardly breathe.

As Noah held his sister he said, "You know what this means don't you? Our family on earth has just begun."

"Does this mean you'll be leaving soon?" Faith asked with tears in her eyes.

"Yes, but you will come soon after. We won't be parted for long." Noah squeezed Faith tight and said, "I love you and I will watch over you."

Faith and Noah continued to live in Heaven while waiting to be born. They visited the Celestial Gardens often. They talked and they played. Mostly they just sat quietly, side by side holding hands - smiling.

One day while they were in the Celestial Gardens the Great Hall Matron came. "Noah, it is time to go to earth. Will you please follow me?" Noah stood up and looked down at Faith, "Don't worry, we won't be parted for long."

Faith reached up for his hand, "I know, but I'll still miss you. And for a short time I will be able to watch over you."

'I love you, Faith." And then Noah turned to follow the Matron.

Faith could hear the tinkling of the Angel Chimes announcing the birth of a new baby. In her heart she knew it was Noah and she smiled.

In a day or two the Matron returned to the garden to find Faith, "Faith, dear. Our Father wants to speak with you. Will you follow me?"

Faith stood up and followed the Matron. She was excited to go see her Father and was hoping that this meant she could see her big brother soon.

Faith followed the Matron through the arches of the Great Hall and then stood before Father who sat peacefully on the seat of his throne.

"I have a special assignment for you on earth. It won't take long and when it is complete I will send for you to work on another assignment here."

Faith looked up at Father a little puzzled and with a slight frown she asked, "Will I get to see my big brother?"

"Oh, yes my dear child," Father reassured.

Faith smiled back wating for instruction.

"Faith, you will be born into your family on earth and your assignment is to bring that love you feel so deeply for Noah to your parents. Your birth and life with them will be a blessing of faith and trust. When you have completed this task, return and report."

Faith accepted the assignment, "When do I go to earth?"

Father replied, "The Angel Chimes will ring for you tomorrow."

As Faith turned to walk away Father said, "Faith, I love you and I will watch over you." And then he smiled.

The next day the Angel Chimes did ring and Faith was born into a family with goodly parents. She was so happy to be with her mom and dad. Her mom and dad were very happy too.

When dad brought her big brother to the hospital to see her, Faith opened her eyes really big and smiled up at Noah.

"You are pretty," Noah said. "I am your big brother and I love you very much." Faith smiled and reached out for his hand.

"I will protect you and be a good big brother. I promise."

Noah's mom and dad smiled down at their two precious babies. There was a lot of love that day.

The journey to bring Faith into the world was a long one. Mom and dad longed for her birth and when she came their hearts were full.

The next day Faith went home to Father.

"Father, I have come to report that I have completed my task," Faith said with a smile on her face.

"That is good," Father said. "I have one more thing to ask of you. Send a message to your brother, Noah. Tell him you love him and that you will watch over him and that you won't be parted for long."

Faith did as she was asked.

The years passed for Noah and he grew into a man. He had a family with many children who grew and had children of their own. The love he felt from his sister his whole life was shared with those he met.

When Noah was wise with age and his hair completely white he heard the sweet chimes calling him home.

Faith stood at the gate and took his hand and they walked to their favorite part of the Celestial Gardens and then sat side by side, holding hands and smiled for a long time. But only for a moment as far as eternity is concerned.

The end.

I have asked and Dara has graceously agreed to illistrate this story for the Provencios.


DebbieLou said...

That is a lovely story, and I'm sure it will mean a lot to to the Provencio family for years to come.

IKLINDA said...

You have a wonderful gift, Rebecca. I am sure that Noah and the Provencio family will find much solace after reading it.