Friday, February 20, 2009


Well today is Friday and I already have a list of things to take care of this weekend! :)

  1. Working in the yard - cutting back the rose bushes and the grape vines. My apple tree and my plum tree already have blossoms!! We have had some strange weather -- hot; cold; hot; cold -- some of my bulbs in the flower beds have also sprouted...
  2. Go to Green Thumb: Lowe's and Home Depot to price materials for the Super Saturday Relief Society Activity for the Oxnard Third Ward - I am a guest instructor.
  3. Plan Gardening workshop for the Oxnard Third Ward Super Saturday Relief Society Activity.
  4. Make rice for 15 people for the Quarterly Ward Activity - On Saturday
  5. Take said rice to the church by 4:30 p.m. on Saturday
  6. Attend Ward Activity on Saturday
  7. Make invitations for the Monthly Super Activity/Birthday Party for the Activity Day girls
  8. Call all the girls and remind them that they are singing in sacrament meeting on Sunday and to have them come early so that we can practice one time before sacrament meeting and remind them where and how they are standing... :)
  9. Arrive at church early on Sunday to practice with girls
  10. Play the piano for the girls while they sing "Choose the Right"
  11. Hand out invitations to the girls/moms
  12. RELAX after church - hopefully do nothing!!!!! :)
  13. Some time during the weekend - working on my story and drawings... :)
  14. Make list of things to accomplish during the next week.

Isn't it great being busy!?!


Anonymous said...

Yes. I have spent so much time on my computer, today I asked myself: "What would I do if I wasn't on my computer? Hmmm...what else is there to do?" Sad, huh?

DebbieLou said...

Your a popular lady, what else can I say?