Thursday, February 19, 2009

ON TRACK!!!!!!!

Well, today is Thursday and I have completed most of the "TO DO" items on my list for the week:

1) Find all the tax information for 2008 - DONE
2) Find all the medical expenses and submit them for reimbursement - DONE
3) Prepare Activity Day activity - DONE
4) Have Activity Day - DONE
5) Create 6-month Calendar for the Activity Day Girls - DONE
6) Keep house clean - sort-of done... :)
7) Go out to dinner with Victor and use the Red Lobster gift card received over a year ago - DONE
8) File 2008 Taxes - Not done - could have been done yesterday except that the Tax Guy's office was closed when we drove to his office yesterday. We are trying again today... :)
9) Go to bank - Get cashier's check for Loan Modification (mortgage) - DONE
10) Go to Office Depot and overnight said check to mortgage company - DONE

So, I am feeling pretty good about my week. The only down side: I have only made dinner one night this week (last night). The kids have been eating Top Ramen and sandwiches. I told Victor that I would make the "HEART" pasta this evening with chicken breast and a light sauce. We will have a nice fruit salad with sorbet and a green salad from romaine and various vegetables (mostly cucumbers - my favorite).

Feeling pretty good about things this week.


Hope you are all doing great!


Anonymous said...

Wow! That's quite a list you completed. I, myself, haven't done ANYTHING this week, and I don't feel to bad about it. :D Keep it up!

Zaphod said...

I played racquetball with Jenny this week. I'm done with my week.

Katscratchme said...

I'm usually pleased with myself if I can get up before Audrey.

Trillium said...

Good for you! Without MY lists [plural!] I don't get much done because I get detoured easily.

Last night I read that our American penchant for being goal-oriented also can unfortunately make us less civil [more cranky, rude, etc.] According to the author, in an earlier day people didn't need goals-accomplished to feel good about themselves. I am still trying to decide if he's right.

Rebecca said...

Well - the author is incorrect. Goals are excellent and I am not cranky for having them... :)