Monday, March 30, 2009


When Evan was in the sixth grade he spent a week at Science Camp (outdoor school in Ojai) and I was slightly distressed about him being gone. Of course nothing terrible happened at Science Camp and Evan had a wonderful time. He also learned how to take a 3 minute shower.

Aislyn went this last fall and I didn't panic at all... :) I don't know if it is because she was the second child to go to Science Camp or that I knew she could handle herself or that I realized that Science Camp was only an hour away... :)

She also had a wonderful time and learned how to take a 3 minute shower. She however, still takes 30 minute showers unless I threaten her with severe discomfort... :)

On April 1st, Evan embarks on a new adventure. He is leaving for Washington DC with the rest of his 8th grade class. He will be gone for 5 days and will be visiting various monuments and museums as well has Historic Towns. The learning experience will be great for him.

I however; am a wreck. This will be his first plane trip without me. He is flying across the country. To add to my panic - I am afraid of flying and my fear has transferred to the fear of Evan flying... :( This is no trip to Ojai and I can't rescue him if something bad happens).

So, for the past week - in anticipation - I have tried to stay calm and not think about my baby going far away. Now it's two days away and I will have to say goodbye to my baby jet-setter. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course, Victor thinks nothing of it and Evan is excited. OH MY GOODNESS! Do they not know how dangerous this is? The plane could fall from the sky or the bus could skid off the road or... this list goes on. Then I remind myself that everything is going to be okay and that Heavenly Father will watch over him.

I think this is mini preps for when he leaves for his mission which is fast approaching - a little over 5 years from now. We talk about him going on a mission and we are all excited - I do think I will be the mother that will pray every night for his safety while he is away - because that is what I do now. Even when he goes on overnight campouts with the scouts.

Any way, here's to being an overly protective mom!!!! :)


Anonymous said...

Awww...I am sure you will be fine! LOL!

Trillium said...

Been there. Done that. LOL