Thursday, April 2, 2009


The alarm clock went off at 6:30 a.m. - I hopped out of bed and began my usual routine...

I went to Evan's room to wake him up and he was not there - a little sad - I remembered that he arrived in Washington D.C. sometime this morning and is already on his first adventure.

All morning I have been thinking about how excited he was and him waving to me and Victor as the bus pulled out of the school parking lot last night at 6:45 p.m. He just kept waving and smiling and I smiled and waved back. I didn't cry - but I wanted to...

Victor unaffected waved back and smiled - knowing that Evan was going to have the time of his life.

I told Victor that when Aislyn goes I am going too. Victor said maybe the both of us could go... :)

Victor later said that it is going to be strange not having Evan in the house for a week. I agreed.

Evan has always been the happy; cheerful boy - sometimes silly - but always smiling and laughing. With just the girls for the weekend - the house will feel empty. They are both very quiet. Aislyn always serious - reads a lot. Allisa happy in the kitchen making something is also very quiet and can spend hours there baking and watching a movie or two. Sometimes we'll hear her singing away.

Victor will probably watch TV every night while I work on some project to enter in the fair.

Family prayer felt strange this morning and eating at the dinner table will probably feel awkward too... :)

I am anticipating his phone call this evening, which I will probably get as I am getting off work. I told Evan that he could call me or dad on our cell phones when he gets back to the hotel each night. Evan has his own cell phone and it only costs him a dollar to use it each day he uses it. He doesn't get charged for minutes as long as he calls the house or me or Victor. Such a deal! :)

So... a little sad... a little lonely... :)


Anonymous said...'s okay! He'll be back soon enough.

Trillium said...

We miss thy small step on the stair ;
We miss thee at thine evening prayer !
All day we miss thee, everywhere