Saturday, May 23, 2009

Health Update - Victor

I am sure that most of you are aware that Victor was taken by ambulance to the hospital Thursday evening for acute abdominal pain.

After several; very frustrating hours; a doctor in the ER finally came to tell us that Victor had pancreatitis (probably spelled wrong). Basically, Victor's pancreas is swollen and it is not functioning properly.

The doctor explained that Victor would need to be hooked up to an IV and not eat or drink anything for 3 days. If you know Victor, this is a very scary thing on two counts.

1) Victor HATES needles - although he has had to endure poking and prodding for the past year due to his diabetes.
2) Victor turns into a grizzly bear when he hasn't eaten.

He spends most of his day sleeping; when he is not sleeping he is in pain... It's a constant round of sleeping and pain management. He is doing better and is not in as much pain as he was on Thursday.

I will be with him later today and will give an update tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

AAARRGGHH! I didn't know! Poor Victor! I hope he feels better soon... :(

Trillium said...

Thanks for the update. If he is on IVs (depending on which kind) he may not get hungry.

Katscratchme said...

I didn't know either!! This family needs to talk more.. grr.
Give Victor our best wishes!!