Thursday, May 28, 2009


Well, after a brief meltdown (on Victor's part) yesterday morning and spending a tha majority of my day at the hospital (12 hours) Victor is looking like Victor.

He let me shave his face. The first and only time in the 15 years that we have been together. He is terrified that I will shave the whole thing off. After promising multiple times that I would not shave off his entire beard he consented. I did a pretty good job. His face was nice and soft when I was done and not a cut or scratch... :) He looks very handsome.

After battling with the doctors and the nurses (Victor was battling - not me); Victor escaped the dreaded pic line... :) He also got what he wanted - strawberry sugar free jello. He had been coveting mine and remarked (while I was eating) that smells so good.

Any way, we are going to try to work again today and see if Victor can wait until after noon to have his wife at the hospital.


Anonymous said...

Good to hear he is doing better!

Trillium said...

Well. Sounds like there's a lot of fight left in him! LOL