Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Victor is doing much better. He has been moved from ICU and is now in a regular room.

All the tubes are out of him and he has gone from eight IV's to 3. He is still in pain; but not like before. He self medicates when he feels that it is necessary. He is allowed ice chips and is allowed to sip very small amounts of water. If he is feeling better tomorrow they may start him on broths; jello and clear juices.

The diabetes specialist is coming tomorrow to provide instruction on shopping for good foods; eating correct portions; etc. Both Victor and I will participate in the free services and education for diabetes.

Victor had some new visitors today and it was nice that they came. We have had a couple of phone calls offering assistance and well wishes.

His goals are to get out of bed and walk around.

He also has to exercise his lungs. They have become lazy due to being in a bed since last Thursday and having oxygen pumped into him... :) He has a little bit of a wheeze and is being watched to make sure that he does not end up with pneumonia.

He still wants a jolly rancher - I bought ten - five green apple and five watermellon. I put one of each on his table as incentive to work on getting better. He has gotten used to being waited on hand and foot and so his whole body and attitude are a little "LAZY" like his lungs. I told him he couldn't have them until he does what the nurse and the doctor have instructed him to do... :) Which means he will be able to eat... :)

Both jolly ranchers were in his reach for 5 hours and he didn't even try to eat one. I have hidden them. He won't find them... :)


Katscratchme said...

Victor needs a light tap in the butt to get him moving! :)
Glad to hear he's doing better!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the hospital...I don't blame him for liking all the people running around doing things for him. :)