Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Four about a month we have had very poor water pressure. We couldn't have the sprinklers on and do a load of laundry at the same time.

We couldn't take a shower and have the dishwasher running.

Two people couldn't use the facilities at the same time...

Well, you get the picture... :)

Yesterday I came home and looked over my poor little front yard that has been turning brown because the sprinklers didn't work. So I turned on the hose and hand watered the planters and the grass. While I was in the middle of watering the front Victor came home and immediately began to investigate the water pressure problem.

He thought that he may have gotten rocks in the pipes when he had done some sprinkler maintenance a couple months ago. So he went and got a shovel and proceeded to dig up the planter under the girls room. When he could not find anything wrong there he decided to check the water hook up out at the street.

The little housing unit was full of water. WHAT?!?!?!?!

Victor proceeded to empty the water out by scooping up and tossing it out onto the street. When the water level was low enough he discovered that there was a slow leak at the street hook-up. He also noticed that concrete had been poured to make the housing unit more stable... :) In addition, whoever did the concrete work also turned the water all the way down to a slow trickle.


Victor spent about an hour in the front fixing the leak and turned the water back on. My sprinklers work in the front and back. It's amazing.

I even did a load of laundry while Victor took a shower.

Victor reported the problem to the President of the Water Board - our friend Theodore. Theodore stated that he knew nothing about the concrete - more repairs that have not been approved by the water board (that is a whole other story). Theodore was not happy - but was happy that Victor was handy enough to repair the slow leak and get our water running the way it should.


Trillium said...

A man with "Skills"!!! :)

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(really!!) Don't mess with "mister"!

Zaphod said...

As it turns out I also have trouble with water pressure, and have to get up three times a night to take care of it.

Anonymous said...

Ewww, dad, that was SO inappropriate!
Your blog made me laugh, Becky! Hahaha!