Wednesday, May 13, 2009

CASPER and "Friends"

Well, as you know, "Casper" was evicted several years ago and hasn't returned... :)

Well, "Casper" has friends.

The neighborhood in which we live used to be a prisoner of war camp (World War II) and many of the residents have reported less tangible house guests for many years. I don't know that any of these guests are actual deceased prisoner's of war - I don't know the whole story.

Any way, we have had several guests visit our house over the past several months. For the most part they have been completely harmless - yet extremely annoying.

Lucy has reported that the door bell rings when she is home by herself and sometimes hears voices. I know. CREEPY.

Allisa has heard someone calling her name when she has been sleeping.

When I play the piano there are about 2 or 3 visitors who hang out in the Living Room.

It's not an every day occurrence. Yet it happens often enough that we are aware of their presence almost the instant they are there. We can also tell if they are benign or if they intend to cause harm.

Victor and I were both physically attacked about a year or so ago. Not such a fun experience. Actually quite frightening. Aislyn and I both felt an evil presence in the middle of the night when Victor was out of town and she ran into my room and we prayed to have it go away.

The activity seems to increase as we strive harder to keep the commandments and do those things that are pleasing to our Heavenly Father. Prayer has always been our companion and when we pray we know that Heavenly Father sends his angels to protect us and to keep evil from entering our home.

Last week the activity was just about every day. Victor and I discussed the situation on Sunday and I know that we both prayed to have these unwanted guests removed from our home. There hasn't been any activity since Sunday.

I am often puzzled as to why our family is constantly in the midst of this kind of activity and if it will ever stop. It disturbs me a little and I wonder if there is anything that we could be doing that would make it stop forever. Or do we continue to live with this and just know that it is a part of our life?

I do know that there is nothing on this earth that could persuade us to abandon our beliefs or values or presuade us to compromise the covenants we have made. There is nothing that would make me want to forsake the blessings of the gospel. There is nothing that is of greater value than those blessings.


Trillium said...

That's nasty!

I hope you figure out a remedy soon!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you need to dedicate your home. And then pour 100,000 gallons of consecrated oil on it. And trail it down the street. Or get one of those crop dusters and oil the county. Or, heck, the whole state!

Katscratchme said...

Ben and I have had similar (though not nearly as frequent or intense) experiences. I am always greatly disturbed when this happens and it takes me a long time to feel safe again.
Dedicating our homes has been of great help, but there have been times where the protection seems to thin out a bit and needs renewal. I don't know why that is. Perhaps we aren't recharging the spirit well enough by our actions? Or perhaps there is something we ARE doing to bring these things in?? I don't know.
I hope you figure out what you need to do soon. It horrifies me to think that you are going through something like that.

Rebecca said...

I suspect that family members who are not members of the church are the initial problem.

I expressed my concern to Victor that his mother and his sister are inviting them into our home.

Victor's mother still believes that Tony is present in the home. I explained to her that he is not there.

I know this for a fact since I felt his presence when we were in the temple and Victor was baptised for his father.

Sandy had made mention of the activity and I explained to her that often times actions of those in the home invite these spirits. She asked me how and I explained it to her.

Victor even asked her if she was messing around with tarot cards again... :)

I know that if Lucy didn't live in our home the activity would decrease dramatically.

Chris said...

Lucy who? Lucille Ball? Man, you have some cool people living with you.

I have never seen a ghost, aparition, or anything like unto it. I think mainly because I don't believe they exist.

Chris said...

Are you sure it isn't your meds that kicking in? Or, was it after not sleeping for 3 or 4 days? Or maybe it was really dark and one of your kids attacked you, or that gopher in your garage. Are you tipping the bottle? Sloshing it up a bit?