Friday, May 15, 2009


I am so excited that we have finally made it to Friday. I am currently at lunch and will be leaving the office in less than three hours.


I have not decided what I am going to do with my weekend yet. I could clean the house (it really needs it). I could work in the yard - it really needs it too - especially now that my sprinklers and everything is growing including the weeds.

I could be lazy and do nothing... :) I have been doing nothing for the past three evenings. This may not be a good idea.

We could take the kids somewhere fun or take them to see another blockbuster hit. We have already seen Wolverine and Star Trek. We enjoyed both. The kids are looking forward to seeing the next MUSEUM movie and the next TRANSFORMERS movie.

They are also looking forward to the next HARRY POTTER (#6) and NEW MOON with the gorgeous Rob Patteson.

There is a chance that I might do some writing this weekend - now that Victor has set me up to use his laptop. I could slam out several more chapters in a day... :)


Anonymous said...

EWWWW! Robert Pattison is SO not gorgeous. Blech. I don't know what his appeal is. YUCK. NASTY. And did you know that he has caused problems on the set because he refuses to SHOWER?? EWWWW! YUCK! NASTY!

Trillium said...

Such ambition! We are planning on having a birthday party (the G-Ma's 87th).