Monday, June 29, 2009


Well, here its Monday, June 29th 2009 and life seems to moving along... :)

Victor had his procedure last Thursday. They discovered that he has the beginnings of a bleeding ulcer between his stomach and the mouth of his pancreas. His doctor took him off one more medication; that apparantly causes internal bleeding. We now know why his blood tests were indicating that he was anemic. An added bonus: I was on the same medication and I have since tossed it out. Don't want to end up in the same condition as Victor. Not a pleasant idea.

So far Victor has been taken off all meds except for three. His primary doctor had him on at least six. I can't remember any more... :)

While they were looking around inside they also performed a biopsy. We have not yet heard the results.

Victor continues to get stronger and has had many compliments on how good he looks. Quite handsome and trim these days. He plans to keep the weight off. As he continues to go to the gym he gets closer to looking the way he did when we started dating 15 years ago. This has become an added incentive for me to work harder on losing the weight. I plan to get down to the size I was 15 years ago.

Any one care to guess what I weighed and what size dress I wore 15 years ago?

Any way, when we get up to UTAH the family will be shocked to see the incredible transformation of my yummy husband.


Anonymous said...

If I guess to high you will be insulted. If I guess to low, you will be disappointed. LOL! I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE YOU GUYS!

Katscratchme said...

You must have been a 4 or a 6 back then... or do you wear petite sizes?? I don't know.