Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Aislyn did "fairly" well at the Ventura County Fair and she had a good time doing it.

Baked Items:

Toffee Cookies - 2nd place - red ribbon
Butterscotch chips cookies with nuts - 1st place - blue ribbon
Pecan Pie - 1st place - blue ribbon
Peanut Butter Cookies - 1st place - blue ribbon
Butterscotch chip cookies - 2nd place - red ribbon
Pumpkin Pine - 1st place - blue ribbon
Oatmeal cookies - 3rd place - white ribbon (the cookies were the size of a quarter)
Rice Krispie Treats - 1st place - blue ribbon


Comet Haiku - 3rd place - white ribbon
Milky Way Haiku - 3rd place - white ribbon
I AM Poem - 2nd place - red ribbon


1 pair of earrings - 1st place - blue ribbon
Decorated Gift bag - 1st place - blue ribbon
Decorated Scripture bag - 1st place - blue ribbon
Silk Flower Arrangement - 3rd place - white ribbon
Ceramic Horse Tooth Cast (Science project) - 3rd place - white ribbon
Sewn flannel blanket - 3rd place -white ribbon (first attempt at sewing)
Ceramic casting - 3rd place - white ribbon
Decorated Father's Day Frame - 1st place - blue ribbon
Decorated Father's Day Frame - 2nd place - red ribbon

Handmade Cards (applied arts):

Gold and Black Butterfly - 1st place - blue ribbon
Silver bird - 1st place - blue ribbon
Blue Jay - 2nd place - red ribbon
Red Butterfly - 1st place - blue ribbon
Cardinal - 2nd place - red ribbon
Gold Butterfly - 2nd place - red ribbon
Bird with gold breast - 1st place - blue ribbon
Bird with gold head - 2nd place - red ribbon

The fun thing about Aislyn and the projects she works on is the time and effort she puts into it. Aislyn is so detailed and creative. She knows how she wants something to look and uses her imagination and ingenuity to come up with a solution. She does not race through the task and is quite obsessive until complete. (I wonder where she gets that from).

Aislyn was very excited and pleased about her accomplishments this year. I know that she will do even better next year.


Katscratchme said...

I can't even imagine putting in that many entries... do we get to see some pictures of these great projects??

Anonymous said...

Wow! Congrats to Aislyn! That is so fun...I would like to see pictures too!

Zaphod said...

Perhaps Ventura County ought to rename itself: Aislyn County,.... that's the ticket!

leafhopper said...

Way to go!!