Thursday, August 13, 2009

BEST of CLASS - Evan

Evan participated in the baking frenzy for the fair and did quite well.


Peanut Butter cookies - 2nd place - red ribbon
Toffee Cookies - 1st place - blue ribbon
Rice Krisipie Treats - 2nd place - red ribbon
Pumpkin Bread - 1st place - blue ribbon
Carrot Bread - 2nd place - red ribbon
Pecan Pie - 3rd place - white ribbon (his pie just fell apart) :(
Oatmeal Cookies - 2nd place -red ribbon
Pumpkin Pie - 2nd place - red ribbon

Evan has been begging me to teach him how to embroider and has watched me as I have done some Swedish Weaving projects. The day before the entry date he pulled his huck towels out and thread that I gave him for Christmas and instisted that I show him how.


Huck Towel - Traditional Swedish Weaving design - 1st place - blue ribbon
Huck Towel - Teddy Bear design - 1st place - blue ribbon
Dream Catcher - 1st place - blue ribbon


Eastern Island Head Clay Vase - 2nd place - red ribbon
Eagle Coin Bank - 1st place - blue ribbon & BEST OF CLASS (BIGGER BLUE RIBBON)

The best part for me and Victor was that Evan really worked hard and saw the results of his hard work.

This is the first year that Evan has entered quality work and received a BEST of CLASS recognition. We are very proud of him.

In addition, Evan participated in summer school at the high school and took his 9th Grade Health Class and earned a "B" grade. We are very proud of his efforts and excited for the new year.

Evan starts High School September 1st - what a great birthday present! Seminary starts September 8th - so much for sleeping in. :)

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Anonymous said...

Yay for Evan! I think it is kinda funny that he wanted to do swedish weaving! But, hey, nobody can have too many skills.
You and your kids are intimidating. LOL!