Friday, August 14, 2009


Last night Victor and I stayed up until 12 watching a marathon of Eureka episodes on SYFY to catch us before the new episode this evening.

A rerun came on after that and it was one that Evan really liked and he asked if he could stay up and watch it before he went to bed. We told Evan that was fine, he just needed to make sure that everything was locked up and that he turned everything off before he went to bed. Aislyn joined Evan in the living room to watch the show.

At about 1 a.m. we hear several quick raps on our bedroom door and the voice of one of our children saying something about Victor's Red Dodge Ram. Victor and I quickly dressed and went outside to see what they were talking about... dun DUN DUN

As we are walking out the front door Evan and Aislyn explain everything that had transpired before they knocked on our door:

  • They heard a noise outside the front room window - a bang of sorts - Aislyn's eyes are enormous
  • They heard another loud noise further out in the street
  • Then... the truck alarm goes off
  • They look outside they don't see anything
  • They turn on the hall light
  • They go to Grandma's room
  • Grandma goes to the front room and turns on the outside lights
  • Grandma goes outside
  • Evan and Aislyn come and knock on the door

Victor and I discover that the rear driver-side window has been knocked out.

I call 9-1-1

At the end of the street we see several figures - one on a cell phone. At the other end a car starts up and drives down to these dark figures and picks them up. They drive by - Victor already has a flashlight and shines it on the car to see the people and to get the license plate number. Victor yells the number out to me and then instructs me to get his cell phone, wallet and the keys to the Durango.

Victor leaves and follows the teal coloured car

A sheriff shows up and inspects the truck; asks where Victor is - I of course explain that my husband has gone after the suspects in my car. Within minutes dispatch is coming over his speakers explaining that the supsects are being pursued by a man in a silver dodge durango and that he is giving each change in direction as it happens.

The sheriff smiles at me and asks "Is that your husband?" I said "Yes" with a big grin on my face. He tells me that he will be right back and takes off in the direction the one man pursuit is taking place.

An hour and a half later...

My husband has returned home. Two sheriffs have arrived and the suspects have disappeared (Victor didn't want to run the red lights). The sheriffs stated that in this case it would have been fine to run the red lights.

They tell us that there were 5 other cars broken into before ours and that they have been trying to catch these guys all night. Victor came the closest to catching them.

Victor had his brand new golf clubs in the back seat of his truck. We are certain that is what they were after. Unfortunately for them the Gonzales family moves very quickly and they were caught off guard and got nothing. In their haste they also left behind the crow bar that they used to smash the windows. We got a close enough look at them that we know that they did not have any gloves on their hands and that the crow bar has finger prints! :) They are so busted!

This morning we discovered that they had broken into two other cars on our street.

I have had 3 hours of sleep. Does anyone have any tooth picks?


Anonymous said...

WOW! THAT'S AWESOME! Sorry about your car, though...

Trillium said...

With the license plate number, they should get caught sooner or later. Right?

Katscratchme said...

License plate, finger prints... those guys are busted unless they high-tail it to Mexico or something.

Big, dumb jerks.

Rebecca said...

It appears that the suspects were on a spree... they hit 5 cars in el rio; 3 on our street and at least 2 in santa paula.