Monday, August 3, 2009

WE MISSED YOU !!!!!!!!

Well, we were really looking forward to spending this past weekend with the Utah Clan!!!! :)

Chris and Tammy, we hope that your blessed weekend was wonderful! She is truly beautiful!

In case you were wondering what we actually did with our weekend...

We cleaned the house; ran some errands and baked for 12 hours on Saturday. If you haven't guessed it - The Ventura County Fair opens this Wednesday.

We had four children in the kitchen baking for 12 hours on Saturday; producing the following:

4 pecan pies
4 pumpkin pies
3 loaves of bread (zucchini; pumpkin and carrot)
two batches of muffins (easy and pumpkin)
about a dozen different types of cookies
4 batches of rice krispie treats
1 sheet of brownies
1 batch of brownie bites

While the baking was going on I washed 8 loads of laundry and we watched Harry Potter movies starting with #1 in the Kitchen - while Victor sat in the living room watching season 3 and season 4 of Stargate Atlantis.

Since we were tired of the kitchen, we went to Marie Calendars and ordered Potato Cheese Soup for our little bakers and a whole sheet of corn bread.

We woke up early Sunday morning and delivered the tasty treats to the fair grounds for judging. We were in and out of there in 30 minutes.

We spent the rest of the day recuperating.

We thought that we had properly covered all the remaining items from our baking frenzy - alas - while we were out Chiana discovered the baked items on the dining room table. We found one plate of rice crispie treats on the dining room floor - half eaten and three pumpkin muffins severely beaten on the dining room table. I would guess that Chiana did not like the pumpkin muffins.

Alex discovered that Zucchini bread actually tastes pretty good. He had complained and made faces while he was making it. Another triumph for me - I had told him that he should try it and then tell me that he didn't like it.

Victor's nephew, Kevin, was enjoying the mayhem on Saturday and joined in - making a 5th pecan pie and a 5th pumpkin pie. He took them with him when he went to Lompoc with Lucy on Sunday. Shared the baked goods with some of Victor's family up there.

Lucy told Kevin that he was learning from the best (referring to me). I was surprised and a little pleased with the compliment.


Anonymous said...

Pumpkin favorite! But it HAS to be Libby's. Everything else is sub-par.
I understand Alex's averson to zuccini bread. I felt the same way until I had some.

Trillium said...

Such ambition! It makes me tired just thinking about it--I think I need a nap...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Rebecca said...

the smell makes me sick and I can't even look at the dining room table when I walk through the dining room.