Tuesday, November 24, 2009


2 secrets: (1) I start Christmas Shopping in May (2) I used to count my steps; count stairs; count money... :)
2 regrets: (1) Not finishing college (2) Not pursuing an education in music and art.

2 things you spend money on and probably shouldn't: (1) Voltage Mountain Dew (2) PartyLite Candles.

2 things you don't like about your body: (1) my bad joints (2) my weight.

2 bad habits: (1) waiting until the last minute to do my homework (2) resting my hands on the piano while playing and resting my fingers on the sides of my clarinet.

2 fears: (1) I will not finish school (2) Not being successful.

2 spiritual gifts: (1) Faith (2) Discernment

2 pet peeves: (1) lip smacking (2) rude drivers

2 least favorite chores: (1) cleaning the bathroom (2) cleaning the kitchen.

2 favorite pastimes: (1) Music (2) gardening

2 events that changed your life: (1) Getting married. (2) Having children.

**I tag Chris and Mom

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Katscratchme said...

You weirdo counters.. :D

Rebecca said...

it's called OCD

Trillium said...

I am sorry I am such a dud. I tried to respond to your tagging me. I couldn't think of anything to say... :P