Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Every morning on the way to Seminary and work I listen to KUSC.  I love listening to classical music and it usually sets the day off well.

Yesterday morning on the way to work I was listening and the DJ announced the daily Great Composer Quiz.  I love listening to the clues and try to guess who would be the composer.

I listened intently to each clue; sorting each into categories that I only understand. :)

The last clue included the following information:

This great composers younger brother (by six years) became wealthy by selling drugs to soldiers during the war (he had a contract with the army and he owned his own pharmacy).  The pharmacist and the great composer kept in contact via mail.  One letter sent by the younger brother signed his letter "Property Owner" (younger brother know for gloating...).  The great composer replied to younger brother's letter and signed it:


So, who was this great composer?


Katscratchme said...

And in the tavern he would often compose musical quips, or jokes, many of which have survived and which today all have WoO (work without opus) numbers. For his overweight friend, the violinist Ignaz Schuppanzigh, he composed a piece for solo male voices and male choir entitled In Praise of Fatness. In performance it lasts around 30 seconds.

Anonymous said...

No idea.

Rebecca said...

the great composer was: Beethoven